Application development

Zersol Technologies has developed a suite of design methodologies to ensure the creation of user-friendly products. Our extensive experience with object-oriented data modeling, performance optimization and Intranet / Internet design contributes to their success.

Custom Software Development

No two businesses are perfectly same, neither are their business and IT solutions. Instead of changing the business practices that have already been streamlined, it makes perfect sense for a business to go for tailor-made software. Custom software development is nothing but software made as per the requirements of the client, applicable for his specific business needs.

Zersol Technologies strives to provide custom software solutions that will help him to remain in sync with competition by continuously improving his information technology-based business solutions. For this, we use modern software development platforms and tools, as well as employ latest project management techniques and software engineering practices.

Software Re-engineering

Software re-engineering means implementing or reimplementing a part of a legacy application using modern technologies, without modifying overall functionality.

We offers client, an affordable option of re-engineering his existing systems. We have the skills to analyze his existing applications, and work with him to identify the latest trend and technology. This will allow us to re-engineer the application system, in an evolutionary manner, with minimal risk, to produce an application that will be more adaptive to his organization's changing needs, meanwhile easier and less expensive to maintain.